Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Level 35 Spell and Wintertusk Quests

I was able to confirm my suspicion that you need to be done Grizzleheim to get the new spell and also the Wintertusk quests.  I was able to pick up these quests on my level 56 death wizard who is part way through Celestia and my level 60 ice.  But I was not able to see the prompts nor see the quests at the NPC quest helpers on a level 55 fire wizard who is more than half way through Celestia.

Storm Drain tower has some interesting quirks that I'll talk more about shortly.

Happy questing!
Valerian Nightbringer

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Cody Seastone/cody spellcaster said...

Thanks so much for the help finally with someone who knows what he is talking about Cody seastone lvl 74 and cody spellcaster level 35 both my accounts :)