Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wintertusk is being installed tonight!

Some interesting news on the spells:

1) Stunning will only generate one stun shield. I guess this means chaining is back for fire and myth wizards.
2) Fire's link spell will do damage and heal on the first pass now
3) Ice colossus is going to get upgraded to 500-580 damage finally having a hit equal to death's best hit.
4) Stun block spell gives two stun shields available from Diego. You have to be a private to train for it.
5) Sprite Queen's heal will do 60 and then 111 per round for 3 rounds.
6) Lifebane won't be cast by the Sprite Guardian and won't be available as a treasure card! The Sprite Guardian will use spirit armor instead.
7) Empower cards can't go critical and kill death wizards.
8) Empower normal and pet empower card damage is lowered to 300 from 500
9) Empower damage treasure and amulet card is lowered to 250 from 400
10) Doom and gloom will now be a standard -65% rather than -50%
11) Players will no longer be stuck on the opposing team when beguile is cast back-to-back on both teams.
12) Accuracy and Damage can now be added to health drain spells!
13) Cleanse charm is now 0 pips
14) The odds of self destructing with insane bolt are now 20%
15) Earthquake no longer removes stun shields
16) Pierce now costs 0 pips
17) Pips given by a minion will no longer disappear if the minion dies
18) Accuracy and damage enhancement can be applied to Power Nova
19) Polymorph Gobbler now has 90% stun resist

1 comment:

Vanessa said...

awww....why my earthquake >,< that's my best spell to kill other players in PVP!