Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mystery Composer Reveal

So the word got out that the Wintertusk composer was in fact Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers.  :)  (girls scream here)

I for one didn't know he was a composer but I think he did a great job.  Not only that I think it says a lot about Wizard101 that they are able to attact such hot talent and that they try to have fun with their game contributions.

I was laughing at some of the quest names in GH the other night.  I appreciate when they put in little quest names that relate to shows or silly sayings. One could say it gives me a virtual chuckle :) now and then. 

What quest names have you noticed that relate to TV shows or movies?  Comment below with the quest name and what movie or thing it relates to.

I also noticed a lot of connections in the game to the new Thor movie.  I hadn't realized how many connections there were in the quest lines and story lines and even spells to the legends of Vikings.

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Xinaed said...

Bert and Ernie XD