Monday, September 5, 2011

New Wizard in the family

A close friend of ours on Wizard, Suri Spiritcaller, had a papered Yorkie who happened to mix with another Yorkie.  (I don't think this was planned) They had a puppy and gave it to our family.  He has been a joy to us and has enriched our wizard family immensely.  We call him Rockwell Nightsong (last name after Suri's other wizard's last name) and his first name is named after a sheriff/frontiersman/cowboy of some renown.  Sometimes we call him Rocky and I like to call him Rock because he's a solid little thing.  (and it reminds me of "The Rock" and his wrestling intro that goes: "Can you smell what The Rock is cookin'!?")

Here are some pictures of the new Wiz and his big bro Jack ( a German short-haired pointer).  Jack has been feeling quite bad with serious hip problems but Rocky has cheered him up a lot and the two of them share everything including a lot of adventures.  Jack is getting sicker and may not be around much longer but he's been very happy to have a buddy as are we.

 A cuteness duel
 Synchronized napping
 Psychic communication powers
 I bet this is what ice hound looked like as a puppy
 Little Rock using disarmingly charming spell.


Anonymous said...

Sha Baby!

Love the Rocky.....

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