Monday, September 5, 2011

Tower of the Helephant Conquered

Suri Spiritcaller, Luke Skywalker, Kestrel Spiritblade and myself in the form of David Dragonheart finally beat the tower of the Helephant.  The bosses in the tower cheat pretty bad but the creators of Wizard101 have given you the tools, and spells to save your own bacon if you are crafty.

Here are the basics of the tower:

First set of bosses - balance, balance, myth (nasty minotaur), death/storm
The worst of these bosses is the minotaur who casts tons of smoke screen and if you fizzle his buddy hits you with a critical bone dragon spell that usually comes close to killing you.  The goal of surviving this battle is to kill the balance minions and minotaur first.  You will find these cards useful in your treasures: fire dispel, life dome, triage, ice dispel, storm dispel.  The minotaur will also cheat and take your blades away.  He is immune to most spells like beguile etc. :(  Basically you need to keep your 1 pip fire dispels on the minotaur to shut down his cheating ways.  Once the minotaur is done the death boss will throw leviathins constantly (even on 2 white pips).  Even with storm resist they hit for 1400 or more if they're critical, so keep the deat boss dispelled for storm.

I strongly advise you have a good life wiz with you... just sayin' :D

Then there are 3 levels of regular 1400 health guys that you can blow through pretty fast.

Then you fight the helephant boss who's kind of a push-over.

Finally you fight 1 storm/ice boss with 3 myth minions.  This battle again is kind of nasty as you have quakes going constantly, and if you kill the minions the boss calls them back again.  Again, you want ice dispels for this boss because he constantly throws gargantuaned blizzards (Whoever set up this tower must have faced our ice team before :)  - With how much these guys throw quake you'll need to keep a dome up and do just-in-time blading.  If someone can hit the others will need to provide blades.  Keep your ice shields up and your ice dispel flying and you'll eventually survive.

Here are some highlights from our battle:
This boss loves to have a crowd
 He shows us his icey heart
 They are looking a bit ragged after some big hits
 Forest Lord has something to say about this
So-so prizes and random dancing

Give Helephant tower a try and let me know how you do.  One last tip is that these guys don't like feint so much :(

Valerian Nightbringer


M.W.S said...

Woah, that battle... literally depleted your mana.

Nice fighting by the way (look forward to it).

Next week, I shall be a Legendary Sorcerer Vale, and if you have the time to assist me in the Waterworks instance, that would be great!

(Trying to get some Crowns for WT/Wysteria, to finish those worlds).

Since I'm a teen, I applied at Taco Bell, and some other places (should be getting a msg for a interview, sometime this week). So, I can finally get a job (and get Open Chat).

Well, that's about it. Hope those dungeons don't take too long. I've heard from Friends (Twitter), that Waterworks takes about 4 hours (hopefully not).

Bleh, later peace for now, till the weekend (Friday - Sunday).

Benjamin Dragonsword said...

hey what amulet did he drop?

Vale said...

He dropped an amulet that has the dragon card. I don't recall the name of the amulet but given my choice I wouldn't turn down a school mastery amulet :)

Vale said...

Yeah, I burned through my mana and virtually everything in my deck. Thankfully I had lots of shields left at the end. Note to self: next time take a potion unless mana is full!

Anonymous said...

Yes Very Fun Night!
We should do it again.....
You know the more we do it the better we will get at it - OR - Like the definition of Insanity, doing the same thing over and over the same way hoping for a different outcome ;-p

Suri Spiritcaller