Saturday, September 24, 2011

Second School Amulet Fun

Second school amulets in Wizard101 are amazing.  If you were lucky enough to win one, buy one or try one in test realm you may have already realized how cool they are.  I used a fire amulet on my ice wizard to get through Wintertusk which had a gazillion ice bad guys.  I set up just like a fire wizard with elemental tri-blade, a few meteor, a pet that may-cast fire blade and a fire dome and a couple gargantuan for good measure.  I even created the Celestia fire/ice hat which gives some extra fire accuracy and extra critical for the second school.  It really made questing much easier.

I have to admit I've had very limited success with the second school spells in arena however.  Right now life wizards with myth amulet are unbeatable unless you get a lucky critical hit that's not blocked.  Death/Myth just can't survive long enough due to extremely poor resist and wimpy pips.

I wanted to test out an amulet on another wizard on my account and was sad to discover what some of you probably already discovered... you can't bank and trade your amulets to other characters.  So now I need to buy or win another amulet on my ice.  My death wizard has won several by laying down a lot of feints in the final battle.  As usual the one that puts down the feint gets the best prize usually after some big hits.

Most wizards I know try to use amulets that allow them to take advantage of their spirit or elemental blades.  Are there any wizards out there that have crossed the line and used an elemental amulet for their spirit wizard or the other way around?  I'd be really interested to hear how you like it.  Are there any good combos I should try?

Valerian Nightbringer

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