Monday, February 13, 2012

The code contest is still going!

If you haven't already entered go here: and enter!

I'm starting to think lame prizes aren't quite good enough for our readers so I'm thinking I might make the 10 main code prizes slightly more than lame. Still trying to figure out what they might be...

*** For those that have entered the contest - prizes are given out after the contest closes next week. So if you have entered your name will go in for a prize.  ***

It will be Valentines day in just a couple hours.  Don't forget your sweetheart!  Guys, some sage advice... flowers before chocolate, and if you get chocolate DO NOT get the heart box mix ones... get some Nestle milk chocolates or some other good brand of NORMAL chocolate. And cards are less important than a personal note FYI. And of course if your sweetheart is on the game a little wiz gift through the crown shop may go a long way :)

p.s. Don't forget about the contest at the link above...

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