Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Test Realm is OUT!! Here are some details

A lot is changing including interactive games of tag you can play at your house!  Including power ups and different types of tag games.  Also changing is lost pips if a combatant dies before you cast.  The oft used escape and return trick has been deep sixed :(  Not that I have used that much in the past but I admit I did use it in Zafaria a couple times.  Insane bolt is now outlawed in pvp.  (Who didn't see that coming?)  And lots of other cool adjustments to combat.
Check out more at:
If you aren't yet a wiz member, join here at this link:
And if you're dying to put in your 2 cents on the test realm you can do that here:

See you on test realm!
Don't forget to buy some mega snack packs in test realm and train your pets while you're there to see what cool skills they get so you can spend real crowns in the actual game only on the good pets and not the duds.
~ Vale

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