Monday, February 20, 2012

Foo Dog Shuffle

I kept buying Kieran Horde packs until I magically got a "Foo Dog".  Surprisingly it didn't take a thousand packs like it normally would for me.

I got the Blue and White dog who is supposed to be an arena type pup.  I trained him in test realm and he got a selfish trait, a spell and ice tough.  I still need to finish his training.

(this is not the actual foo dog but an artists rendering using imaginary creative license)
Actually this is my little pup "little rock" who came airmail from a Wiz friend :)

Do any of you have a killer Foo dog?  And what talents did you get in yours?



Anonymous said...

Hey, Vale go to you have time)and search up "The Power Spiral" head to the bottom of your screen and you'll

Don't forget to mention on the blog.

~Malorn D.

Destiny Soultamer said...

I have a Fiendish Foo named Sebastian, he is adult as of yesterday, and has Death Shot and Feinting Spell. Based on the Petnome entry, he is eligible to get Spritely, and I'm getting impatient. Other than that, Sebastian is so cute, I had to squee a couple times.