Monday, March 19, 2012

Contest Winners

For this contest I tried to respond to all the wizards that contacted me by email to thank them for their entry and let them know that I wasn't ready to announce winners yet.  FINALLY I'm DONE-DONE closing out the contest and the winners have been sent an email. (late night Monday)  Included below are the names of the winners.  It's possible some wizards may share the same name but I have the original contact info and have contacted these specific wizards by email so if you are the lucky one you will already have a personal email announcing the win and providing a Wizard101 code at the email address you providedI'm sorry for being so slow at getting all the details taken care of but there were THOUSANDS of entries.  If you didn't win, please don't be discouraged.  There will be more contests.  If I had enough codes I'd give them out to everyone.  Keep visiting and participating.  Here at Valerian's School, we wayward wizards have to stick together! :)

Runners Up for most prolific promoting... won a (Pet Code)

Gali Honda 
Ana Suarez 
Blake (cookieboy6)
Brenda Stilwell 
Hadi Nasser 

Most prolific promoters... 6 won a (Super Bundle)

Austen Li
Sophia Lin
Thashni Fernando
Nikki Mosley
Hope Norris

Pure random winners 6 (Super Bundle)

Mark Bezsonov
Brandon Gregor
Shannon Burnem
Angel H (manaphy2000)
Kerlus Abdelmaseh
Brandon Skullhead


Anonymous said...

Wow thanks valerian!

-Tasha (aka Thashni)

M.W.S said...

Not bad, thanks for the contest - congratulations to every who won.