Saturday, March 17, 2012

Processing Contest Winners

I'm sorting through a few thousand emails and a few thousand entries in Raffle Copter. I'll be announcing the winners soon! Probably Monday mid day. ( I have a question for Raffle Copter so I want to make sure things operate how I think they will to be sure everything is fair.)

Thanks for your patience. Because Wayward Wizards are EPIC I'll add a few potential pet codes which will be randomly given to people that wouldn't normally have won.  So that adds a few more chances to win something.  Sadly with so many thousands of and only a few things to give away you will still need some good luck :)

~ Vale

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Lindsey DragonCaller said...

Thank you very much for letting us wizards to get the chance to win an awesome Super Bundle! You do so much for the community, I also would like to thank KI for the fresh new codes given to Valerian.