Wednesday, March 28, 2012

More Puzzle Pieces

For those of you wondering about the countdown on the game launcher it's not related to this puzzle promotion... just so... ya know.

What is part of the puzzle promotion are these puzzle pieces!

If you're a puzzle maniac you probably enjoy finishing the edges first.  It looks like we're getting past the edges and to the inner pieces already.  Let me know if you have ideas of what it is! (But don't post the assembled pices on your fan sites or Wizard101 will ask you to take the post down)  Feel free to express your opinion and tell us what you've learned though.

A friend of mine (Duncan) speculated it could be an extension of the Wysteria Lane part of Pigswick Academy world.

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WolfNightcaller said...

I think it is gonna be a medieval world called Avalon.

Anonymous said...

I think it is a new bundle pack like the sultan's palace, or hawk rider pack. With new armor, new mounts, new pets, and maybe a castle :)