Thursday, April 12, 2012

Avalon in Test Realm

When you get a chance check out Avalon.  If you're not all the way leveled up then hitch a ride with a friend.  If you are leveled up all the way, go visit Ambrose to start the "This little light of mine" quest line. If you're anything like me that starts my brain's broken mp3 player playing the camp fire song on an infinite loop.

Morganthe is stirring up trouble again and picking on poor Gamma.  Gamma will send you to Avalon to immediately fight storm gremlins.  They're pretty strong health-wise so you'll probably need to go in with several buddies unless you're decked out in crafted ice gear.

Some little known facts about Avalon:
Avalon has 6 major areas and 15 sub areas.
The level cap will be raised up to 80 ( a significant increase)
There are 28 new utility spells that increase or decrease effects of various kinds (I'll explain more very soon)
There are new level 78 pet quests for each school but you need to have done the former pet quests.
Gardening is being expanded up to level 15 with new spells and plants to boot!

Details about spells for various levels:
Level 70 effects spells will allow you to put a convert on all your enemies for 2 pips
Level 72 effects spells deal with stealing or removing blades or placing damage over time spells except balance who gets a game changing spell that can hit you and take 3 pips away.  This spell will probably end 1v1 pvp as we know it.  Death gets a decent spell which adds a minus-heal on all enemies.
Level 75 spells get really interesting...  which I will have to write about more soon! (hang in there)
Level 80 spells are shield breaking blades which could be interesting but I suspect that wizards will generally be dead (in pvp) before they get to apply a decent combination of blades including these shield breakers.  I guess I'll be experimenting on myself to determine that for sure.

Avalon sure looks beautiful.

See you there!


Anonymous said...

I'm so excited about seeing Avalon! :D

M.W.S said...

Test Realm (Wizard101 US):

Here you can find the guide Black Crows of Avalon:

Here you can find the spells for Avalon (2):



I'm liking the utility spells, Balance needs a Balancespear and and some type of Universalspear (Damage), I've seen videos of some of the new pets: Basilik, Life Gnome, Chimera etc.

Been practicing pvp, and once I get the right pvp-based arena pets, I'll dominate 1v1 and might setup a team in the future for 4v4.
(I'll like to add a few of those utility spells to my deck for treasures).

I'm going to have to level up 20 levels this summer and get a Wizard101 subscription once I get a job (buy some gift cards too).

Wizard101, still doesn't have the official level 70 gear items, that are ticking me off add them already in the game. Increase the resist, more armor piercing and piercing for it too, accuracy (all schools), more critical and block, more attack damage and everything.

Peace Man,
- Malorn

Anonymous said...

be warned...the lady of the lake sent me to the tower in marleybone for the spiral key...
(avalon test realm)

Anonymous said...

im only leval 61 but i cant wait to see some of the new stuff!