Sunday, April 22, 2012

Is Avalon going up tonight?

The game indicates a long running update tonight and doesn't specify what it is.  Usually if Wizard101 is close to a new world release and the downtime does NOT include the new world they will say.  This time they didn't say it wouldn't be up so...? 

I'm guessing that you'll be well into Avalon by this time tomorrow night.

Hopefully I'll see you there!


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M.W.S said...

Avalon didn't go up then fortunately, think it should be released later (in May or so in a week).

Anyways, I think you should check out some of the ideas on my blog:

And check out the threads I posted on W101 Central from my blog:

found in In-Game Ideas here:

Besides that, I think you yes you Valerian Nightbringer should join Wizard101 Central and Cody Skyrider your son should rejoin (a sincere message a bit, apologizing and asking to rejoin) - now look, I'm NOT on Central's side.

I had another W101 Central account in the past, got blocked b/c of some stuff, made another account got reopened (sent message) and got blocked about 3+ more times over some silly rules on the website. To this date, doing okay, not getting blocked, from the past.

Here's the link to contact the main Webmaster Jester:

Just think about it alright?

Anyways, awesome news regarding Wizard101's second game: Pirate101!





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