Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday Puzzle Piece!!!

I'm between jobs at the moment and just checked my email after writing a huge essay on why a company should pay me a bazillion dollars a year and I found this little piece of the mystery waiting for uploading.  So without further a-do here is the puzzle piece for Tuesday.

These whacky shape pieces always drive me crazy.  I usually end up finding the weirdest shaped part of it and try to match that because it's usually easier to see.

Check out these other sites for the remaining pieces...
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Diary of a Wizard
Wizard101 Central
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Legends of the Spiral
Good Luck! 

p.s.  We did have a winner for the April fools day prize. Swordroll (email addr, not wiz name) was our first entry winner. Turns out it wasn't an April fools joke afterall or at least not on the people that tried for it!

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