Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pagoda Tower Problems

The pagoda tower is part of the new gift card that Wizard 101 offers.  Cody, Seirra, Lenora and I tried the tower the other day and had an interesting experience.

We all joined the sigil at about the same time.  We then appeared together in the manna room.  But the moment we went forward to the next room it split Cody and I into one instance and Lenora and Seirra into the other.  We tried to port to each other but it didn't work.

We did OK through the intermediate boss and then got to the second last boss fight.  4 guys with about 9000 health were taking turns throwing big spells at us.  We found out quickly that you don't do a multi-hit on them unless you want the life guy to heal.  The myth one, if you let him live very long will throw Medusa's and also throws the ice 30% shield-all spell on all of his buddies.  The balance boss hit critical every single cast and my (Ice's) fizzle was easily 50% and possibly higher. 

We had to flee a couple times in order to survive.  We fought them for about an hour and finally finished off the last boss. But for some reason we couldn't get through the doors to the next level.  We looked around everywhere and tried many times to get through the doors but nothing worked.  We also tried to review the quest info to see if there was anything in there but noting we could find indicated something that had to be done to move on to the last boss.

One cool thing about the tower is that the bosses drop pets like crazy!

See you in there!


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