Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July

Our family went to a great fireworks show which was pretty amazing since it seems like half the state is on fire.  The park, unlike the rest of the state was green and shady.  At first it was about 98 degrees but we actually had a few clouds blow in and make things quite nice.  We threw footballs and Frisbees until our arms got sore.  We had watermellon and home made sandwitches and corn dogs just like we use to when I was a kid.  Finally we cracked some glow sticks and tried to impress eachother with our attempts at glow-creativity.

When the fireworks started a group of kids were singing the national anthem and some related songs. It was kinda funny and cool at the same time.

For those of my poor buddies that didn't get to see fireworks I'm uploading a video of the finale to YouTube and I'll get it up tomorrow.  Tonight I'm cut off from the "tube" :(

I hope those of you who are Americans had a great 4th.  For those that aren't, I hope you'll find some reason to be near family and celebrate something good.

See you on the game.



MagusConjurer said...

I watched a firework from my uncles front lawn. Had a great time with some of my extended family. :D

(We also could see one of the many fires in my state up on the hill in the distance before the show started) :\

Chris McDaniel said...

Hey whats the Hat that your Ice wizard wears its really cool but I dont know what its called or wear to get it.....

Vale said...

Magus - cool that you were able to see some! I hope you get some rain like we did. Thankfully most of our fires are out now.

Chris - My ice wiz wears the thanksgiving feather head dress. I like it because it says so much with so little. :)

Vale said...

You can only buy the feather head dress at thanksgiving time from the street vendor in old towne.