Thursday, June 28, 2012

One in a Million badge

So while I was in the middle of my interview crisis my friends let me know about a new badge!  Some few people were sporting a "One in a Million" badge.

How do you earn this amazing badge you ask?

I'm happy to tell you.  Since a picture is worth a thousand words it goes something like this...

My helpful minions Duncan Starstone and Suri Spiritcaller who worked out the details to achieve this amazing feat helped me get my badge.  So if you see me in the game I'll be sporting this ultra-rare badge.

Yep.  You can hit for a million. (but not more) I don't want to spoil the fun experimentation for all of you but we achieved it with a lot of traps and about 22 blades.  The setup usually involves leaving the fight, getting more supplies and tools and then joining again all to set up your buddy.  So this one takes a lot of prep and a fair bit of thought and loyal friends who are willing to spend an hour and a bit setting you up.  Naturally you'll want blades from death, balance, some per pip multipliers like fire's new trap or storms blade and all the treasure cards a treasure noob (I use the term affectionately) can carry.

If you achieve this and want me to post a pic let me know by commenting and I'll work out a way to get the images.  If you post them to some place you have access to and send me the public link I can grab them and post them that way or I can give you my email.

Anyway, have fun!  I know all you fellow perfectionists out there are already either have this badge or are making plans.



Ryan Lifegarden has a one in a million hit here:

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