Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pet a Palooza - A Pet Picture Selection

Here are a few of the interesting real and virtual pets we had submitted for the contest.

They won't let me sleep here but they let me sit as much as I want.

I'm cute now but just wait until I pounce on your head during the night... 

 Yo quiero everything!

So if you own a lion-fish does that make you a lion tamer or a fish tamer?

Sled dogs navigate by the stars, didn't you know? 

 I thought wolves were endangered not undead...
Some people say I have a big nose but I think it just makes me look distinguished... what do you think?

 So you finally came to see your godfather about your problem heh?  I always take care of family.  Let me make some calls...

 You can't resist the cuteness

 Never mind what I'm wearing... how does my hair look?

 A slug or a frog? It's hard to say...

 The Fire brigade

 The godzilla of hamsters Hamtaro is about to escape and save the city

 fire burnin' on the dance floor

 Marvin the martian's lesser-known brother Nottinin

 I see your future...

 Not sure I want to know what this pet is!

 I swear somebody said the word "walk" was it you?

 Sorry, that's too far away... mind if I just rest here?

 Don't bother me... I'm dreaming about eating your Carls JR left overs

 Where are Wise Men and Joseph?   I'm ready to start... Do you think the rose is too much?  I thought it would add a splash of color. Should I use a english accent or a southern?  O right, I don't have any lines...

 A halloween surprise that I never want to see again

 Staff, 100 gold, boots, 200 gold, color coordinated cloths 600 gold, a mysterious electric bird for a pet? Priceless.

 Sinister was my middle name but I changed it to Princess

 You spend too much time in your garden you end up finding one of these

 The ghost of Christmas past I think...

 Icey and Epic... just how I like my pets!

 Ghost riders colossus in the sky

 If you look cute one time a day, you'll never have to find a new place to stay

 Ordinary piggle bellies had no stars but the star-belly piggles had stars on thars
 This guy is ready for the races
 You can't resist my happy smile

 Don't touch my garden!
 New racing stripes for this guy
 Have you seen my container of hot cocoa?

Stay there while I hypnotize you!
 Today I'm going to sleep, then look over then fence... and then sleep again.
 Paparazzi?  Well, I'll pose for just one and then I'm outa here.
 You will be powerless against the cute ears

 Let me know when the barber gets here.  This time I'll let him finish cutting my hair before biting him.

 So how did my towel get left outside on the doorstep?  Oh wait, that's Fido.

 You ready to give up yet?  I'll just keep staring at you until you give me what I want.

Man! All the litter boxes were occupied.  I guess this works in a pinch.

 You know you wanna give in!

Thanks to everyone that submitted!  There were too many to include all of them but I wanted to try to get a few of them up for people to appreciate. 

For those that didn't win I want to encourage you to submit often in our contests.  Your chances of winning something are almost always really good.

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David Ravencatcher said...

Thanks Vale,

Naturally I wanted to win, but thank you for posting a pic of my Golden Retriever, and hosting a fantastic contest!!!!

David RavenCatcher