Friday, June 1, 2012

Pet a Palooza

Pet a Palooza!
(See our new Pet a Palooza tab in just below the Valerian' School Banner for up-to-date details)
This fierce hound is a Wizard exclusive pet for Valerian's School for Wayward Wizards!
We're going to be giving away a bunch of codes for "Prudent Hounds", codes for 5000 crowns and codes for 10,000 crowns and energy elixirs.

Send me a pic of your pet for a chance to win. If you don't have a pet send me a pic of someone elses pet. We'll have a random prizes and prizes for cute pets and ugly pets! Judging will be subjective but I think it will be way fun!

This contest is closed

For those of you in grade school you should have your parents send the email for you. And I'm recommending you send a picture of your pet only (no people if possible). Codes will be returned to the email address that sent the entry.
I'll set up a raffle-copter contest for additional chances to win by using social media to bump Valerian's School!

Keep coming back for more chances to win!
~ Valerian Nightbringer


Anonymous said...

Can we give multiple pictures of pets that are not the same?

Austin said...

Mine is sent in!
Good luck to everyone who enters.(:

Anonymous said...

what should the subject be in the e-mail that you send your pics in?

arielle said...

i have a question, do u want a photo of our real pets or wizard 101 pet?

David Ravencatcher said...

Just wanted to thank you for the cool website and contest. Keep up the good work!!!

David Ravencatcher

David Ravencatcher said...

Thanks for a great website and generous contests!!!

David Ravencatcher

Tuckmeinblankets said...

Was just curious when you were going to announce the winners??