Monday, June 11, 2012

Closing the Pet-a-Palooza contest

I'm in the process of reviewing the entries for the Pet-a-Palooza contest.  There were a lot and I'm making progress as fast as I can.

The minute I'm done I'll post the winners up and send them an email with their code.

Good luck to everyone that entered!  As usual will be picking the lucky entry number and the twins will be picking the cool pets and cute pets.

On the job front, I had yet another interview with HP today when I had been expecting a casual lunch with the team.  Something tells me that opportunity may be going away.  Something didn't feel right today.  There was an air of apology about government processes etc.  Not that things went badly. In fact it went pretty well, but I'm almost never wrong when it comes to gut feelings.

On the up-side I'm on my way to a full day long interview with on Thursday so I'll be trying to update things between flights and prep.  Wish me luck!  I hear "intense" doesn't even begin to describe the experience and they say that with each half hour session they only get tougher and more technical. So, let's hope that I can remain smart while having limited access to chocolate. :)



David Ravencatcher said...


Thanks for the contest. As far the job front goes, interviews such as you had with HP, often leave that feeling like it's going away. To some degree, I think that is what they want to leave you with so that there are no hints of yea or nay. At the end of the day though, I believe things have a way of working themselves out. Stay positive, and put on the game face with Amazon!! Good luck!!

David Ravencatcher

Anonymous said...

Man, that is intense. i sort-uh know how you feel. My mom is getting her teaching credencial and she has to take tests, inerveiws, and what-not. I send you my reguards and good luck out there!

lainey_lane03 said...

Sorry to hear about the HP felling. Though I suppose if it doesn't happen it wasn't meant to be.

Good luck at Amazon! I'm sure you'll do great :D Knock 'em dead, so to speak ;)

M.W.S said...

Hope I win that contest (won 2 already, awesome prizes). I think Amazon still is a better choice, good luck to you and your job search.

MagusConjurer said...

Good luck with your job interviews! :D

Heather Nightbringer said...

Holy cow! You sure do have your hands full. I was checking back on the contests and read all the stuff on the interviews. At Amazon did they by chance ask the question about what animal you would be? I am now curious to whether or not you get a callback from them. Good luck! You have certainly shown that you can balance multiple projects at one time!