Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pet a Palooza Winners - Finally!

The contest has finally come to a close with a lot of interruptions including trips out of town, interviews, technical difficulties including having to do surgery on my wireless router.  I thank you all for your patience and hope that you don't die from anticipation!

In my haste I forgot to track what the codes are that were assigned to random winners.  (those that didn't win by cutest pet but won by just being lucky) 

The possible things to win are:
Prudent Hound
10,000 crowns
5,000 crowns
Energy Elixir

Here are the lucky winners for cutest pet:
Both of these entries had Cupigs!  They are a very rare drop from Jade Oni and well, you just have to see them to know how cute they really are with their pink bellies, little angel wings and pinned up diapers...
Baby Girl
James DragonCatcher

Then we had an QUOTE-Oh my gosh cute-UNQUOTE hummingbird "pet" submitted by
Katie Summershade

Not far behind a kitty
Cheyenne Dragonrider

Then we found a very unique pose for a cat that just had to win something... relaxing cat
Robert Darkheart

Ginormous hamster also couldn't be denied a reward
Destiny Soultamer

A very cute fairy pet also made the cut
Kyle Wildgiver

Some other cute pets that received various types of prizes (crowns or pet or elixir) were from:
Jason Goldriver
Sophie (whatif110)
Chay P.
Jolena Raney
Morgan Mythcaster (for the self-potty-trained cat)
Iridian Liontamer
Chase Freak
Heather Nightbringer

Some ugly pets had such a spooky look or "ew" factor that only a good hearted wizard could love them.  (these won various types of prizes) Some of these were owned by:
Destiny Wildheart
Paige Dreamcloud
Stephanie Frostweilder
Tanner Heath

The remainder of the prizes are of various types as well and were assigned randomly so as to make sure that the remaining entries all had an equal chance at winning something.  Those random winners who may have won an elixir, or crowns 5k, or crowns 10k or a Prudent Hound are:
Angel Winterbreeze
Talon Deathdreamer
Dakota NightBloom
Taryn Stormrider
Jarod (Chimera)
Mark Silversword
Emma Benesch
Christina N.
Jacob Skullrider
Tudor Ioan
Autumn Starwalker
Michael CrowSpear
Duncan Stormthief
Destiny Moondreamer
Daniel Deathcaster
Matthew SC
Dylan Bearblood
Blaine Anglefist
Julian Hetherington
Richard Titanfist
александър жечев (Dasdfgh)
Molly Starmender
Jack Qiu
John Spiritshade
Rosalyn SilverTalon
Amber Dragonhunter
Cole Lifespear
Matthew Lifeflame
Abhi Sambangi
Robert Griffinglade
John LegendMancer
Marie Marshall
Mr.L G.
Xavier Palacios-santana
Austin Phillips
Brian Anglespear
Jason ThunderShield
Elijah Tucker
Awesomesauce (pranav)
Alura RoseBlade
Devin WildHeart
Angela Shadowgarden

So if you actually entered the contest AND are listed here, please watch your email.  Since there are sometimes several wizards on the game with the same first and last name you will have to watch your email to confirm that you are the right wizard.  I have email addresses for each of these entries and will be sending out the codes through the rest of today and maybe part of tomorrow.  We've never had this many prizes to give out before or so many entries so we're in uncharted territory.

Congratulations to the winners and a big thanks to all that entered!  I hope you keep coming back and entering because the odds are strongly in your favor to win something.

As soon as codes go out I'll post some of the pictures :)



The Traveler said...

Moose definitely is getting a treat tonight! Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, was surprised to see the email from you guys :)


Anonymous said...

Congrats to all the winners!!!
I didn't win but oh well theres always next time :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I won without even it and the caption for my pet was funny, " A halloween surprise that I never want to see again." Congrats to the rest of the winners! Thanks for the contest, Valerian!
~Amber DragonHunter