Friday, June 8, 2012

Wizard stories of supportive friends - please submit

I was writing a thank you to KI for a very kind thing they did for me.  When I was writing the email I got a little sappy and mentioned some cases where Wizard has helped me or friends of mine through tough times. 

I'll give a couple small examples...

When I got a call that my brother had been in a life threatening car accident there was nothing I could do.  But my friends gave me a lot of comfort and helped me get through the worry.  In time he made a full recovery against all the odds and is walking and working again.  (he's a rocket scientist :)

When my mom died of cancer my friends were there to help me through it.  That's not to say my IRL family and friends didn't help--they did a lot.  But it was a real comfort to have an expanded circle of friends who wanted to know how things were and were willing to talk or not talk about things depending on my mood when I had time to play Wizard. 

I could go on and on but I found a lot of understanding and kindness from friends on Wizard101.  Have you?

Post a comment with your story as a thank-you to Wizard101 staff that work so hard to make the game a true community.

See you on the game,

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The Traveler said...

In the beginning (if that is even a way to start,), I was a little more gullible than I am today. Most of my mishaps involved forced facepalms, staring at ceilings, and the words "green beans". Another common mishap usually resulted in me being stuck against a mob in Celestia, when I was supposed to be in Krokotopia.
On a day when I was back in the Lunarium, and scared out of my mind, I remembered something in he back of my head: three of my friends joined yesterday. Lo and behold, they all began messaging me, asking me why I was in Celestia (one of them said again), resulting in teleporting to me (all members). My level 20 self turned into a level 20, a level 8, and two level 4s. Sure, we all died, and sure I was pretty stubborn for not fleeing in the first place, but I am comforted again and again that friends are willing to help me in situations like so.
Today, those friends have passed me in questing (except for the level 8 before, who is my level), and they still help me out, now that I'm really in Celestia.
Nice post!

Icy Wiz said...

I have to thank my friend Fallon MoonGem. I almost quit the game in Marleybone because of the clockwork golem mobs. This was back when they ran faster and before mana marks or teleport stones. So if you were defeated and sent to Regent's Square you had to start all over from where the zepplin dropped you off on the roof. Fallon convinced me not to give up, and helped me when she could. Eventually we got to MooShu and of course the game is much better and has better XP in ratio to how hard the quests are than in Marleybone. Now of course after Celestia and Zafaria I would play Marleybone any day! Fallon has been my best friend IRL for 30 years so obviously she has helped me through many things since junior high. BUT, if she hadn't convinced me to keep playing in June 2009 I never would have heard Ravenwood Radio or become part of it, or met any of the neat people I know in the Wizard101 community. I look forward to reading more stories from others in the community who post them here. :)