Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pagoda Tower Secrets

So I think we finally figured out how our party got split into 2 groups last time.  It seems to have something to do with if one of your party accepts the quest in the second room BEFORE the other members enter the room.  So be sure that you are all in the second room before someone reads the quest.
Remember the middle bosses (the long-horn steers) react badly to multi-hits and the life one will do a rebirth every time you do a multi hit.  They also don't like it if you use the same spell over and over on the same guy.  They react badly to that as well and as long as you don't mind Storm Lords that's not soooo bad.
This time we got to the last boss and talk about cheating craziness.  I haven't figured out all of the reactions to things but the fire guy hits everyone over and over with the new fire spell. It's nasty and you'll need a life wiz (and likely a spritely pet) to survive.  Not only that but he puts on an 85% shield every time he's hit.  This is kind of like the Nastrond battle.  (very similar)  So you'll want a shield break spell or perhaps better a ice shield steal card or 3.  Also take note that they DON'T like you to put traps on them!!!  You can throw a convert on but no traps or they will take them off and hit you.
At some point the fire guy will take his shield off (haven't figured out what makes that happen).  But if you steal his shield he doesn't seem to know it's gone until you hit again.

You'll want to nuke the fire guy asap and the balance guy has low health so it's good to get him out of the way quickly too.
Here are some pictures from the tower...
Here are the guys. I thought I a picture of their stats.  First is Fire, second is Balance, third is Ice and the last is Storm.  Each has approx 14,000 health except for the dragon who has about 3500.  The tower adjusts to your level so if you go in with Level 80 then be prepared to have a strong challenge just like you would in an Avalon boss fight.  At lower levels it can be easy to solo this tower as you may have seen on Youtube already.
 As you can see they love to shield and Fire likes to throw multi-hits on everyone.
 Here is cody taking out the last boss.
 Check out this BADGE!!! Cody was so excited since he IS a master of Karate and Friendship IRL.
 Here's the deck I used.
 Here was my treasure setup minus the treasure tri-blades which I used up.
We had a pretty easy jaunt through the tower and we did it with 2 myth, 1 ice and 1 Life.  I'm sure going through with a hard hitting Storm or Fire wiz would make it even easier.
So become a Master of Karate and Friendship and do this tower with a buddy or three!


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