Thursday, August 2, 2012

Awesome new features coming

Arrrgh, there's so much to tell you there's no good place to start...
I hear pets will be able to level up to MEGA and may gain talents like piercing, heal boosting, stun resisting etc.  And the rewards for racing your pet will tempt you back into the derby!
New pet games are coming in.  Grumpy Gobbler and "Way of the Ninja Pig" game.  I'm thinking American Ninja Warrior and Mt Midoriama.(sp?)

New potions are out for helping you hatch pets quickly.  And I hear that super good pet snacks will now be for sale for derby tickets.

I hear that is also new arena gear.  I'm anxious to check that out and see how good it is.  We haven't seen rockin' gear available for arena tickets in a long time.  And new arenas are out for the new worlds so you'll get a little change of scenery!

PVP changes are coming which will match wizards more closely on level so you don't get a level 10 with a level 80 versing two level 45's.
I'll try to post some more info soon.


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Blaze Shadowhorn said...

Woah thats crazy Vale! I didn't know about any of this and now i'm stoked to see what else is in-store :D BTW we have to catch up sometime :)