Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pirate and House-a-Palooza Giveaway

For those of you having trouble entering the contest you may want to try a different browser or enable javascript.  You should see something in the Pirate101/House a Palooza Giveaway post that looks like this:
With the help of your email or Facebook account or your very kind parent (who you'd owe a huge favor) to log in where it says "log in to enter the giveaway".
Log in 2 win or else there's no way for us to send the code back to you.

I wanted to answer a couple common questions from other comment lines...
1) The job ... I decided to not rock the boat and went to work versus to the Amazon interview which would have made me miss a full day of work.  I decided to dig into my new job and work toward a future interview that will be even more awesome.

2) Yes!  Fan fiction please!  Rowan Watertamer's books weren't exactly fan fiction but she has really hit the writing scene big time since we joined Wizard101 with a Valkyrie-themed epic adventure. (see the add below on the right sidebar) I think everyone should try their hand at writing.  Everyone has a story in them.  So just start writing or go to a free writer's conference or a writing class. There's no "write" or wrong way to do it.

3) Codes... yes, codes are always temporary right?  I should probably go back and remove some of the original code posts.  I think Wizard developers have been so epically busy with upgrades and the new game that they haven't had time to put out mysterious codes.  If you stay sharp you might catch one or two before they expire but I don't know of any active ones besides the ones we're giving away in the contest!

Jump down to the pirate giveaway and enter the contest!


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Morgrim Trollfriend said...

Thanks for the info! Hope the job goes well. :)

Oh, and for people interested in writing, there are places like NaNoWriMo and Figment that are all about writing. :D