Monday, August 6, 2012

Test Realm Tid Bits

Hey people! Long time no post! It's me, Cody SkyRider (Aka Cody scoop writer)

I'm here to bring you some info on the test realm! (And some sweet pics to!)

The first thing I'm gonna talk about is the two new mini games, Way of the Ninja Pig and Grumpy Gobblers (Angry birds anyone?)
These games are both Lot's fun but way of the ninja pig can be extremely hard.

Way Of The Ninja Pig
Way of the ninja pig is a fun obstacle course type game with varying obstacles and courses.
I really like this game but I would suggest it as more of a fun game, not a training your pet game as the higher levels are very hard and take a while to finish. (Unless you're a pro at it.)
Check out some pictures I took.


                                                         Grumpy Gobblers

Grumpy gobblers is a fun, simple, and easy game to play similar to the cannon game.
I really like grumpy gobblers. It's a fun and simple game that will let you level up your pets faster, what more could you want?
Here are some pictures:

                                                               PvP Updates

Wizard has updated their pvp matching system to help prevent puppet teaming. I haven't been able to test if it works but hopefully it does.
 They also added some new pvp gear that's okay, but probably not very helpful.

Wizard did add some epic things to pvp though, the addition of three new arenas!

Wizard has now added a Wysteria arena, Zafaria arena, Avalon arena, and a Celestia arena!

 Avalon arena.
 Wysteria arena.
 Zafaria arena.
 Celestia arena.

For some reason my second wysteria and avalon arena pictures aren't showing but all of the new arena's are really awesome and I would suggest you guys check them out!

                                              Other Pet Updates

There are a couple other pet updates that are pretty awesome.

The first one I'll talk about is a new rule that wizard set that was very smart which is that after a race in the
pet derby, you can feed your pet TWICE!

The second thing is a new pet snack vendor in the pet pavilion.

There are also some new elixirs to help you with your pet breeding and crafting.
The hatching elixir hatches all unhatched eggs in your back pack
Purreu's potion #9 resets you hatching time
And the Crafting Elixir resets all of your crafting timers.

The final thing I'm gonna talk about in this is something truly epic.
The new pet rank, mega!
Now you can train your pet up to mega for another talent!

Here's a picture of my epic pet and what he needs to get to mega.

So over all, I feel that wizard has done very well with these sets of updates. To see a full list of all the updates go here.

- Cody SkyRider

(P.S) Can't wait for pirate 101! It looks epic!

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