Monday, August 6, 2012

Test Realm Tid Bits

Hey people! Long time no post! It's me, Cody Skyrider (Aka cody scoop writer)

I'm here to bring you some info on the test realm! (And some sweet pics to!)

The first thing I'm gonna talk about is the two new mini games, Way of the Ninja Pig and Grumpy Gobblers (Angry birds anyone?)
These games are both lot's fun but way of the ninja pig can be extremely hard.

Way Of The Ninja Pig

Way of the ninja pig is a fun obstacle course type game with varying obstacles and courses.
I really like this game but I would suggest it as more of a fun game, not a training your pet game as the higher levels are very hard and take a while to finish. (Unless you're a pro at it.)
Check out some pictures I took.

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