Saturday, August 4, 2012

Test Realm Open

Ahoy!  For those that aren't yet aware, the test realm is open with some of the changes mentioned in the post below!

You don't know how to get to test realm you say?  I can help! Go to log in using your game username and password.  Click on the red ribbon (see the picture), then read the instructions and click the checkbox, and then... click the download link.

Then when you install the test realm and you're like me where you have a C drive that's small.  Yep, I have one of those SSD drives (memory based disk) but I have a large standard disk based D drive... I need to install on my D drive.  In the following picture there's a super-subtle button in the progress bar area (see the picture below).  If you pick that text button you get a dialog that warns you and then you get to pick an install location.  Thanks for that feature KI.  That's a life-saver for me.

See you in test!

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