Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Contest Pics!

This reminds me of my Vale card... I like it!

That looks like a magical broom back there behind the tree...

 A neon wizard (high tech)

 I can't find Waldo but I found some cute pets

 A Christmas Angel with the halo of awesomeness or is that sweetness?

 You can never have enough Chibis

 I wish I had a portrait of my ice like this... I have that same outfit somewhere...

I feel like I'm stuck in the world of the snow men here too!

Ice wizards are fierce! And to prove my point...

 An ice dragon... this is a spell I need badly!

A death wiz girl with winter colors... swoon

Those snowmen look like they're waiting for presents I think

 Thematic, contemplative - I sense a book deal in your future

 Those Christmas trees can be mean.  You have to keep them in check with penguins sometimes...

 Santa in his warm weather mode (shorts and cape)

Nutcrackers are boss 

Opening presents with magic... I like the idea

 That looks like my Wiz house

(Sorry I didn't get to turn this one) That snowman looks like he's working from the Elf school of snowball throwing...

 I need a piggle to complete my decorating.  Where can I get one IRL?

 Nice collage of ice themed pets.  I tell ya, that ice dragon would be the killer spell.

 A fire chibi all ready to help Santa 

I need some nutcrackers and a new decorator who can set up my Christmas lights in Wizard

 The Vanessa IceRiver anime show... 

That's not an Elf on the Shelf, that's Elves out of control! And I don't know how much I'd trust a gobbler-Santa.  He might give the Grinch some competition.

 That one snowman looks familar. Love the skating llama

Thanks so much for all the entries and thanks for those who submitted entries.  I think I only had one that was too pixelated to show up.  You all have so much talent I am in awe.


2 comments: said...

Wow, these entries were spectacular- So much talent in the community! Happy New Year, Valerian :)

Onish Garg said...

I'm Justin DragonRider who made that Winter Noon card. Thanks for honoring me!