Monday, December 30, 2013

Closing the Drawing Contest

Due to some unexpected fun over the holiday I left the contest open a couple days longer than anticipated BUT I'm looking forward to checking out everyone's drawings.  I hope you had fun making them.

It will probably take me until new years to get all the entries tallied, pictures posted and send out codes.

I hope you had a great Christmas if you celebrate it.  I totally had an awesome one.  I enjoy getting gifts that I need instead of things I just want. (wow I'm turning into my dad)

I got some clothes that were much appreciated and chocolate (essential) and I got a small biometric safe made by a local crowd-funded company. It opens with my finger print which is really awesome.  I feel like James Bond now with a secret agent gizmo.

I'll be posting shortly about my adventures in Khrysalis.  Things have been interesting there.  With me logging in late most of my buds are offline and the boss battles have been patience testing at best and frustrating for the most part.  I'm wishing I had my storm wiz leveled even though my ice hits pretty hard for an ice wiz he's still getting pummeled. So I've had to resort to some interesting strategies to get through.

See you in the spiral...


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Hey Vale, happy New Years to you and your family! Hope everyone also had a very Merry Christmas (: