Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Drawing Contest

We're well in to December now and I am home sick so I might as well post the December contest!
Well, you know I like picture contests so as you might guess I think December is a good month for pictures. These won't be just any pictures but hand-drawn OR composed on the computer or tablet.  So draw your best December or Christmas related drawing or composition and email it to me.

Here are the possible prizes thanks to KingsIsle...
10 potential codes to win for a random amount of Crowns.
10 codes for furniture unique to Valerian's School blog.  These are the space age-y furniture set 2 from Celestia.

Since it will be too hard to judge age categories I'll award the awards randomly. When you email me your picture do it with your Wizard's name and of course whatever drawings you are attaching.

I'll close the contest around the 28th of December depending on what our plans end up being.  We got an invite from Sierra to go to California for Christmas!  Cali sounds awfully good given how incredibly cold it is here now.  It's like record breaking COLD!  I don't know if we can go because it might be too dangerous to drive with the icy roads but we'll see what happens.  If we go I'll have to write about it.

(me looking at the road to California... "hmm, some ice and an angry frost giant")


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