Saturday, November 22, 2014

Darkmoor and Malistaire!

So Malistaire isn't fini after all! Somehow I hoped/knew our one time rival wasn't finished.  Now he's come back from beyond the grave looking a lot more spooky.  I think overall this was a good idea for the storyline and gives a little purpose to what you started way back in Wizard City days. 

Here's me posing at Darkmoor castle where Malistaire has challenged me to a duel.

After getting disconnected a number of times and battling through the first guys who don't like it when you heal, (you get hit with a Gnome spell for about 1300) we were battling the second wave in Darkmoor where the boss cheats of course and takes single blades away and the first blade of a tri-blade.  He also spams 40% minus and heals his storm and death buddies. Here we were down to two players and even in spite of hiring a life minion we suffered pretty severe hits while restarting the Wizard101 client app. I got back online in time to heal once or twice under a doom-and-gloom dome and then die from this new death spell.  It's pretty cool if you ask me.  I can't wait for my death wiz to get him!

What are some of your Darkmoor adventures?

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