Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Wizard101 Installing trick to save room on C drive

So I have been playing Wizard on my laptop that has a small SSD drive for the C drive (the main place to store stuff on your computer)  * Don't make fun, it was state of the art back in the day... * Recently I ran out of space entirely on my C drive after some brutal Windows updates used up all the remaining space.  I was worried I might not be able to move Wizard to my D drive that has loads of space free still.

I got looking at the Wizard config files and realized that it is all fairly basic and seems to refer to everything using relative paths.  What does that mean to being able to free up room on your C drive you say? Well it means that after discovering that I simply moved the entire folder (KingsIsle Entertainment) structure to my D drive and changed the shortcut to the executable to the new D drive location.

The end result?  I fired up Wizard and it loaded updates and ran just great! I played Wizard tonight after freeing up over 7 gigs of space on my formerly full C drive!!!

While I wouldn't recommend you try anything like this unless you know how to UN-DO it, (basically copying it back to its original location) if you are computer savvy and vexed by too little room on your primary drive you may just be able to move your wiz install to an alternate drive where you have more free space.


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Lunatuna Airman said...

wooohoooo! ty for this! Finally my computer will free alive after long time