Saturday, November 8, 2014

Test Realm Back Up Monday Nov 10th - Friday

Some new instances are now up for trying in Test Realm.  You can sign into and hop over and grab the download for Test Realm at

Shadow-enhanced spells are there to try out if you are level 100.  So if you have two or more wizards then take your level 100 into test realm if you have one.

Not only this but you can test out the ability to make outfit sets.  So I can have my formal gear in a set and my arena gear, questing gear, ice-fighting gear, storm fighting gear etc and have it all at hand without having to switch hat, coat, boots, amulet, wand, deck, athame etc. This is an awesome idea.  Love it!

Now members also get a larger backpack (150 items) and members can have up to 150 friends now! Members will also be able to use emoticons! Not only that but some surprise benefits that you'll have to wait to see. :)

Housing and Crafting are just two areas where there are tons of changes.  One of the most exciting to me is recipes for making mega snacks from your extra fish.  (now maybe that's a way I can actually get some mega snacks happening)

Storm School gets Glowbug Squall
Glowbug Squall hits for 1220 (excellent damage) AND removes all positive Charms (aka all your blades)

Myth School gets Mystic Colossus
MC removes all shields and attacks for 880 myth damage to all enemies. Kind of like Quake and Humongofrog combined.

Balance School gets Gaze of Fate
GoF attacks for 550 damage and 550 random school damage.

Death School gets Call of Khruhu
This spell attacks all targets for 1100 health drain.  Kind of like a Scarecrow but without the payback. Finally a hard hitting death spell on less than 7 pips! (yay)

Ice School get Abominable Weaver (would snowman been too much to hope for?)
AW attacks for 950-1150 ice damage and applies a -75% shield to the caster.

Life School gets Hungry Caterpillar which attacks for 950-1150 life damage and applies an 800-damage absorb to the caster.

Fire School gets Fire From Above
FFA attacks for a whopping 1100-1300 damage and applies 3 +25% damage traps. Sounds like this one is begging for a follow-up from Heck Hound or Dragon.

Not only that, you can read up more about where to pick up the quests for the different new dungeons at:

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