Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Reading the book in Merle Ambrose's Office

Wizard101 contains thoughtful hidden-in-plain-sight detail that gives mystery seekers something to look forward to if they are observant enough. Here's what I gleaned from the book that sits on the lectern in Merle Ambrose's office. Words I couldn't read are replaced by question marks in the text below. Check out the contents of the book below:

Real wizards will tell you the tales
of their Adventures. Some will
twist the truth of these tales to keep your attention. But do not
sell the lessons in these stories short. These
will advantage the mature to the strong. ? ?
will use on the surface.

Dragons to Griffins all have tales of their
own. The greatest ? is magic ? ?
? creatures and the lands that they make
their homes. Study these creatures and the
elements in the spiral be ? the
? wizards of the magic and practice each
day here in Wizard City.

I hope that by the end of this book that not
only will you be able to do the spells, but
to understand the supporting magic that
gives these spells life.

To memorize ? and ? is the thing.
To truly advance you must learn the ?
and ? of what you are attempting.

Just remember that you are ultimately
responsible for every spell that you cast, both
good and bad. The Wizard law these ? ?
absolute. So be very careful when
attempting ? spells. Concentrate on your
end goal and all will be as it should.

If you happen to decipher the remaining words or have corrections please let me know and I'll complete the translation.


p.s. single-use code for today: R85LA-LL6B4-23Q8X-6L368
(let me know if you get anything cool)


Sierra Starsong said...

Whoa! I didn't even realize the lectern actually had words there, on my screen they just look like scribbles.

PS Love the new header! Makes me hope KI is planning W101 comic books.

Anonymous said...

I tried code,and it did not work as promo or gift certificate,saying it doesn't exist

Ally said...

My sister got the code. She got treasure cards.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering. How exactly do you get the codes without knowing what they are? And your blog is awesome!

Anonymous said...