Thursday, March 11, 2010

Using XP Boost Elixirs

There is a crown item for sale called an XP boost elixir. You can get them by crows or by getting a score of about 500,000 on wizard blox.

If you do happen to try one of these, here is my advice.

Use this boost in situations where you are going to turn in a lot of quests quickly. The XP boost lasts only for 10 minutes so this means in most Dragonspyre quests you may only turn in 2 quests with the boost actually acive. So try to maximize the time you have the elixir operational. Take it just before turning in a big quest and then go as fast as you can.

Good places to use this would probably be Crimson Fields in Mooshu, maybe some instances in Krock.


Here's another code for the quickest wizards. Only one wizard can redeem it. Let me know what you got.


Anonymous said...

No, the XP boosts last for 30 minutes (375 Crowns) or an hour (500 Crowns)

M.W.S said...

Hmm cool, and nice new header btw...

Valerian Nightbringer said...

I stand corrected about the time for the xp boosts purchased with crowns during the game. I'll double-check to see if the boosts won in Wizard Blox are different. 30 minutes it is precious little time for the money given that most quests of any significance take a lot of time to complete and the XP boost only appears to be about 20% per quest. IMHO an xp boost should last as long as an instance (usually an hour) making it equivalent to the transforms and other crown-based purhcases.