Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Slow Loading Game? I've Found a Possible Cure

Once upon a time... when I would try to move from area to area or realm to realm in the game my character would take about 3 minutes to load. Sound familiar? A new character would load quickly but Grandmasters and teen-age wizards would take forever to load.

I found a solution that worked for me!

This idea came from my good friend Suri who suggested I use CCleaner (Piriform CCleaner)and CDefraggler. Sure enough after running these programs I was back to loading at a normal speed able to zoom from town to town and world to world.

If you are a "youngling" make sure you have a parent load and run these for you. There is always a slight risk involved as with installing and running anything but for me this worked wonders.

In honor of that here's a code for one lucky person.
2752A-2L2VL-22DLX-9L562 (this will only work for the first person to try it)

enjoy, let me know what ya got :)

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