Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Arena Tips From the Dark Spiral

I'm back after being sucked into the black hole of the work galaxy which I think is the evil parallel universe of the spiral.

Work has me writing programs to predict outcomes for things. So in that spirit given how things are devolving in arena I'll pass on some pessimistic predictive prognostications for arena teams.

All storm teams...
Watch out on the third pass for single-Lord followed by a double-Lord (Single-Double or the flip of that... Double-Single) the next round followed by a tempest or another storm Lord. Plan accordingly.

Also if they are pulling out bolts from the beginning of the match it probalby means they have their treasure full of them and you're just toast. Nothing you can do...

Storm and Fire teams...
Watch out for early stuns followed by storm Lords.

All Fire teams...
Watch out for spamming of minus accuracy. Fire wizards are very particular about their fire dome since dragon doesn't stun... therefore keep some domes of your own school handy.

Ice teams...
Watch out for multiple frosties, Single-double or Double-single chaining. These are less effective than storm's chain stuns because Frosty does much less initial damage than Lord.

Any team with a Myth
You can be sure that you won't be able to keep your shields and blades on. You may want to bring your own dome and hit hard and fast.

Any team with a Life
You're not done the battle until the Life wizard is dead. Since most are heal boosting now they can be a potent threat to fully revive all of their members in one pass. Some people concentrate too much on the life wizard trying to get through all their shields. It's a good idea for one of your people to throw a quake before a huge hit or get a convert on early. Also if someone is close to dying and you're hesistating to finish them because the life person will just heal them, you should consider if they have any pips they may be worth finishing off to get rid of their pips. Also if the team is warlord level or above they will likely heal after you are stunned. So have curses ready for the same pass as you expect to be hit or one pass before if you have second cast.

Teams with 2 Life
Usually teams with 2 life wizards will set up for one hitting and the other healing. They will always keep some heals handy in case the other goes down. In this case you're kind of stuck with hitting after the attacker Life has used their pips. The other is probably saving theirs... Keep a doom and gloom handy, some curses and good luck because this is a hard combination to beat. You may find you have a better chance of running them out of hitting cards. Remeber, whoever runs out of hits first loses!

Death Teams...
Beguile is part of death school so plan accordingly. Under beguile you can still hit single hit spells without any danger of hitting your own. Death can also heal so be aware of that. Death hits are weak but restore their health so you will have to hit very hard or not at all.

Balance teams...
Rare, but usually spam weakness and save up tons of pips for a cheeze-ball followed by a Judge or two.

Any team with a balance...
Be prepared to shield up. You'll need it! Hits coming from teams with a balance will be very hard. If you notice an early storm fizzle from a balance wiz you know they are going to just blade and bolt. Balance also has a small heal ability but it's not effective on defeated wizards.

While I had hoped the beginning of April and "spring" would bring pets to the spiral but it's still snowing here! So maybe that's why :( but here's a code anyway for the first wizard that redeems it. (only the first person to use the code will get it) LQ92A-2LLC3-2LJLX-4L777

Good Luck!


Fallon Shadowblade said...

Winner! Eye of Bartleby pack! w00t!

I love your tips for the arena. Just recently my husband and I found the "old arena" and have been popping in for a little PvP. Now the spot is marked for next time that a few of our friends just want to duke it out. LOL

Have a great week Vale! See you in-game soon. =)

P.S. Ravenwood Radio is recording LIVE tonight. Hope you can make it. You have lots of fans there too!

M.W.S said...

The best team in 4v4 would be a balance, ice, myth and life...

Wolf Ashspear said...

Hi Valerian

its wolf I thought you might want to know that
sometime there will be a pegasus mount coming out sometime. I heard about it from a magazine interviewing the creators of wizard101
-Wolf Ashspear
P.S. I fixed the url of my blog so now it reads

Jacob GoldGrove said...

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archers can wield 2h bows, and 2h crossbows. last mages can wield 1h staffs, and 1h wands.
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