Thursday, April 22, 2010

School Observations

While playing my death wizard in arena the other day I realized something interesting about death school and looking at things in a new light I'm reexamining the other schools.

Death School is one of gambling. With death school, one typically wants to keep high pips and hit in an effort to heal. So for example, if an attacker is holding their pips, a death wizard will often save their pips also for a wraith or crow to regain any lost health. This fighting style is a gamble that one will not be killed by your opponents first attack. The feint move takes this paradigm one step further, risking significant damage in hopes of getting a good hit yourself. Then add doom and gloom to the battle and your own healing opportunities are greatly reduced in a gamble that your opponents will worse off than you. Part of death schools appeal is the element of risk. If you haven't tried death school yet, you should.


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