Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pets will be in Test Realm very soon!

I captured the video from but decided for copyright issues I'd just post some caps of the video that show some detail of pets coming out.

The link to the video is here: Wizard 101 Pets!

Well, one of our friends did it! If you go back and see the interview with my friend Megan... her idea was to allow pets to run free on your property. Well I guess someone at King Isle took notice and voila. A year later her wish is now reality.

Check this out...

Looks like someone started a unicorn farm.

This last one is a picture of a pet that is presumably casting it's own spell.

In the video I haven't seen any mutated pets or any new ones that were hinted at. However it does look like all the usual suspects are present. I wonder who drops the "Timmy the Icepick" pet?

In any event there is rampant speculation that the prolonged update tonight may in fact be the release of the test realm. Cody Skyrider was the first to speculate that update is in fact a test realm release. I suspect if it's not the test realm that it's the database backup that fuels the test realm.

In any case I think we'll see pets in test at least on the first of the month if not sooner.



Anonymous said...

Oh Yeah now that you mentioned "Mutated spells"
wouldn't it be nice for Wizard101 to let us hatch pets like that fire kraken, storm snowman, or maybe even new, like spirit hydra that attacks life, death and myth :P

Anonymous said...

i agree we should be able to have mutate pets