Monday, November 21, 2011

Finishing Zafaria

A couple friends were kind enough to give me a trip to the end of Zafaria on a private safari if you will...  We got a video of the drum puzzle at the Elephant Graveyard.  It's tricky so you might want to check it out before you spend too much time.
After that we went to the final instance to chase down Morganthe who seems pretty shy about facing us for some reason.  Ultimately her minions are quite the pain... first a set of ice minions then a set of storm with around 10,000 health give or take a little.  They get good power pips and throw some big spells.  Not to mention they will really pick on a person especially if their health is low.  You can generally redirect them if another person hits but beware giving them too much time to focus on one person.  We took some crit bolts and some tritons and leviathins.

I got some video of some of the battle and the final scene cut with Morganthe.  It's pretty short but lets us know that she's perhaps growing more powerful than ever.  (not good)
Anyway, I'll try to post those up as soon as I can get Youtube to convert them.  If not I can host them on one of my sites. 
There is big XP to be had in the final battles!  Be sure to pop an XP elixir and go have some leveling fun.  I didn't use an elixir but leveled twice!  It's good to have buddies who have lots of time on their hands!  (A hand-up is always appreciated)

See you around!

ps: Here is the location of the first Monkey in Zafaria.

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