Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New world Zafaria and new spells!

By Cody Scoop Writer

Wizard101 has given IGN a spoiler video showing the new world zafaria and new spells!

Here's my guess on names and effect.

Balance: Chimera (Spirit Hydra.)

Fire: Volcano (Huge damage to all enemies or to one.)

Ice: Stampede (Big damage to all enemies or to one.)

Storm: Frankenstein (HUGE damage to one.)

Myth: Basilisk (DoT to all or to one.)

Life: Gnome Attack (damage to one, or all.)

Death: Not spoilered? WHAT?

Massively Zafaria
MOG Zafaria
MMORPG Zafaria


axel1547 said...

lol i nailed the morganthe world :D

Destiny Soultamer said...


M.W.S said...!/FriendlyNecro/status/131419385217814528

Go check it out! As for your other ideas/suggestions, I agree with them. Only one missing is Storm.

axel1547 said...

hey test realm is open check it out