Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Any spooky spook who doesn't have school in the morning is playing Wizard101 tonight.  Let us know about any big Halloween bashes you have.  For the crew in the pictures below, along with Keira and others like to get together and read fortunes and just have a spooktacular time.

Happy Halloween everyone!  Stay safe.

I'll post some pics of our real and virtual Halloween



Destiny Soultamer said...

No online fun, but Paige, both Blazes,Angus, and I all went trick or treating together. We racked up a lot of candy and I was thinking of all the online adventures possible. But my teachers gave me lots of homework. Happy Hallowe'en!

Morgrim Trollfriend said...

Dang, if I had known I would have let you know about mine. Oh well :\