Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More Spoilers?

Wow! We have two more spoilers! Comment if you would like to know their translations!

The first spoiler code was:  Down in the depths

The second spoiler code looks like: At the top of the world

The last spoiler code says: Find her here

This is obviously a reference to Morganthe as Alex Rivera one of our astute readers hinted.  So in the depths at the top of the world?  What could that refer to other than perhaps the depths of Celestia.  Maybe it's a center of the earth thing like the old tale of Pellucidar.  I have to admit it's a mystery.  Let us know what your guesses are as to where we could find Morganthe?  Maybe this links off of a dark reflection of Wizard City under Wizard City?

Hmm.  Let the speculation begin!

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axel1547 said...

yay i am an astute reader XD (axel rivera)