Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tons, And Tons Of Stuff!

Well, as most of you know, Wizard has just released a special "Nightmare" Pack.
This pack comes with lots of great new pets, Like the golden armored skeleton, the Gob-o-lantern, and Myth Banshee!  It also has an awesome set of gear called the dark wraith gear.  The dark wraith gear is really cool, both looking wise, and stat wise!  It also comes with an amazing nightmare mount, with very good detail and beautiful art.  And the best part? It's only 300 crowns! So now you get even more bang for your buck. 
There is also a new Walmart mini mega card, The Hawk rider set!
This is an awesome set, with a really cool flying hawk mount that looks amazing, an awesome new set of gear, an awesome hawk pet, And a sweet two handed sword!  You can find this at walmart for 30$ about.  And the most amazing?

The new Gamestop MEGA BUNDLE!
This amaaaazing new bundle comes with an awesome TWO seater Great Hornacoreus (Sorry Idk how to spell it XD ) that's really amazing, and so much fun.  A 1 month membership OR 5000 Crowns, great set of gear called the chieftain gear, an amazing blade with amazing art called the dancing blade...

And 1 Humongous house!
The house is really awesome. I truly love it, and I'm also happy because i think wizard got it from my Mayan/Aztec type world idea!   It has a couple secret passages, as well as a giant ape that will give you a gift once a day!  This is really a must buy, and I'm so happy wizard was nice enough to give vale a code as well as extras for family!
These are all amazing sets!  Check out some pics from Vale's place:

You could say I'm a "hawk" when it comes to defending the spiral

I don't ride, I glide
The jungle force is strong with this one 
 A little Mayan vibe mixed with King Kong
 Oh, wait! There IS King Kong! - oh and he gives you stuff -
 What's a Wiz house without a waterfall?
 I'm in awe.... aaaahhh!
 Checking to see if the roofers fixed that leak from last monsoon
 A balcony that's perfect for eating out
 An arena so you can beat up on your guests
 One last look at my island paradise
 oh, wait... there's more!  a back balcony.  (can see the hawk pet here)
 Admiring the new summer house with my new pet giraffe
 "opulence... I haz it!"
 chillin with my wild pets, you know, like in the jungle...
 Some pets fly more gracefully than others when shot from a cannon
 sweetness!  and this is only the half of it.  I'll post more pics soon.

- Cody Scoop Writer.

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