Saturday, October 22, 2011

I think I cracked the Code!

I think it says Central moderators are on a power trip.  This weekend I'm closing my Wizard101 Central account in favor of  Why you ask?  - good question -

Central banned Cody Skyrider (scoop writer) -  yes! our very own Cody got banned and our IP address along with it.  So I can't log in without using TOR or something like that.

In any event, in solidarity with Cody I'm going to close my account with them.  I've had my run-ins with their mods in the past as they didn't like something I had to say or I commented that some were allowed to break the rules while they threatened my account being banned over silly things. (once I made the horrible mistake of referencing a friends blog)  It seemed as though the world was about to end and I had to beg forgiveness for a good while before I was allowed back on.  Cody's been banned a couple times for innocent comments and this most recent one for telling the moderator that there were several threads covering the same topic of a thread he opened a couple days earlier.

While I don't make it a policy to take things out on people publicly for their questionable decisions.  In this case I'll make an exception because Central mods didn't consider that by banning Cody by IP address they'd also be banning 3 other wizards in the family including me.

Anyway, farewell Central!  But all is not lost!  I love DiaryOfAWizard which is a super great site that offers more than Central and does it while allowing you to talk about, link to and create your own blogs! (all ban-able offences on Central)  My good buddy Fallon Shadowblade runs DiaryOfAWizard which has a really nice interface and she does a fantastic job of keeping it up.

See you on

Valerian Nightbringer

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M.W.S said...

True. I've had my incidents with Wizard101 Central in the past (been banned before, numerous accounts), can't believe Cody is off friended him, plus I was curious if you and your friend: Duncan Starstone (your pvp team etc) ever had a Wizard101 Central user/account....

Ah heck, I'm on DOAW too (SOTS Links Page - Site/Blog), and links to DOAW:

Wizard101 Central:

See you then my friend off-game, I think you made a good choice.