Sunday, October 16, 2011

Test Realm open again!

Wizard101 Test realm is open again so get yourself logged in using the test realm app and get started on:

1) testing game features
2) testing new pet mixes
3) train pets to epic and see if they are worth finishing training in live realm

I know I've got some pets that need some mega snacks to check and see what talents they will develop.  It really saves on crowns and or pet snacks if you train them in test realm.  From what my friends who are very pet-savvy tell me it doesn't matter so much what you feed them... they will develop the same talents.

And! Crowns sale ends tonight so... that usually means they're coming out with some awesome new stuff to buy.  The crowns sale usually ends just before the cool stuff comes out!  So watch for crown sales and buy then and hang on to some of them for the future.

Valerian Nightbringer (Vale)

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Vanessa said...

LOl did u mean by then or buy them :P can u post up some pictures of whats happening in the test realm since i dont want to get sub and it would be boring