Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wizard B-day

It's my birthday as of 18 minutes ago!  It's been a fun time playing on Wizard101 these past few years.  *can't remember exactly how long, memory getting fuzzy, everything going dark*   The friends I've made on the game are like family to me.  I hope to have some offline and a little online fun tomorrow.  Maybe in the spirit of my birthday I should start a contest of some kind... hmmm

Any ideas?

My mom used to sing this birthday song for any and all family birthdays...  like to hear it? here it is!

Today is a birthday I wonder for whom?
It must be for someone who's right in this room.
So look all around you for somebody who,
is smiling and happy...
my goodness! It's you!

Happy Birthday ______ from all of us to you.
Happy Birthday ______ from ______ and ______ too!
We congratulate you,
and pray good luck follow you...
Happy Birthday ______ may all of your good dreams come true.

(the ____ are where you insert the name of the very embarrassed person, and that person's friends, parents or whatever makes it fun or funny)

Anyway!  Share in my B-day and all the other Oct 12 birthday babies out there and send along ideas for a b-day style contest!

Totally unrelated... has anyone had a Night Mare pet that's actually cast unicorn yet?  Mine is still holding out after about 3 days of imminent danger.

Valerian Nightbringer


Heroic Pyromancer said...

Hapy Birthda, Vale! -Thunderblade

Anonymous said...

i have a night mare that does cast unicorn but not as often as my firce hound does spritly