Sunday, October 30, 2011

Getting ready for book launch banner

One of our fellow wizards Rowan Watertamer has a book coming out on 11-11 that will have a live Wizard launch party on 11-12!  I'll post the info and you're all invited! 

So we were toying around with a banner picture to use for the promo ad.  Of course we got a bunch and will be making one into a banner ad for the book BECOME. I'll tell you more about it soon but for now here are the pics of Rowan with our gang of usual suspects.  I tend to think of us as Ice team or as the Duncan posse.  We'll be your book launch party escorts so be sure to stop in on 11-12 and we'll give rides to the the house where it will be hosted.
Keep in mind it will be trimmed to a narrow banner and have text added but which ones do you like?
I think I had my eyes closed on that one!
Post a comment and vote for your favorite.



Anonymous said...

Well, I think number 14 is the best because it so prominently features that cute girl in blue :)

But really, I think number 7 is the best of everyone. Can't wait for the party!!

Anonymous said...

I like number 6 it has the star of the book looking sweet